We slept in a bit today (8 AM), but we were up before the alarm clocks went off. We weren’t in a big hurry today as it was one of our shorter drive days. We were underway by 10:30 andplanned to stop for breakfast along the way. Neither of us was really hungry, and none of the reviews for places along the way really jumped out. We meandered south into Seneca Falls, the town which the movie It’s A Wonderful Life is said to be based upon, and home to the Women’s Rights National Historical Museum. I was really disappointed the museum was closed Mondays and Tuesdays. The visitor center had a great display. and the empty storefronts in town also had displays of the women’s rights movement through the years. I also stumbled into the best store and completed a good bit more of my Christmas shopping! 


Lunch was at Parker’s Grill and Tap House. A glass of local wine and a shared sandwich, and we were ready to hit our next adventure. Mom did not know I had purchased tickets for us to make our own glass at Corning Glass Museum. I made a flower, but didn’t get a picture of the final product because I had large, heat resistant gloves on, and others aren’t quite comfortable using the camera on their phone yet. It will just be a wonderful surprise to me when it arrives at home about the same time I do! Mom did a blown glass sculpture. Proof that even “non-creative” people can be very creative when forced to be!

Momma’s finished piece

We headed north to Cedar Lodge, our home for the next few days. Of course we happened upon a winery that was still open. We enjoyed a tasting at Magnus Ridge, and I got a bit more Christmas shopping completed. (I am on track to be done by November 1st. My goal is usually December 1st.) 

Overlooking Seneca Lake, even though you can’t see the lake.

We arrived as the sun had just about set, and the full moon had risen over Seneca Lake. Our cabin is about 50 feet from the edge of the lake, and we enjoyed an adult beverage sitting on the back porch listening to the ducks and lapping waves. If I am awake in time tomorrow, I may have a sunrise picture. 

We have set our destinations and map for tomorrow. Lots of exploring to do around Seneca Lake, and between Keuka Lake and Cayuga Lake. 25 years was too long to be away from this area!