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We slept in a bit this morning…we were both awake by 6:30AM or so. Considering the time change, that is sleeping in for us!  We grabbed a coffee from the lobby, enjoyed the remainder of yesterday’s grandona and had a leisurely morning.  And with this view, how could you not?!

First on today’s list was a visit to the USS Arizona Memorial. I was too young to visit it when we lived here, so this was a first for me, too. And to be there on the 15th anniversary of the 2nd surprise attack on the US was very poignant and humbling. We got to the park about an hour or so before our scheduled tour time, so we had a chance to wander through many of the exhibits. So many thoughts and emotions as we read the history, and particularly the names, of those killed. 

We watched the short movie prior to boarding the boat that took us out the the Arizona Memorial. I hope the pictures convey what words cannot…

35 of the original survivors have been buried with their shipmates, the most recent on December 7, 2015 at the age of 100. There are 6 remaining survivors of the Arizona today.

When we finished our visit here, we were picked up by my cousin and his wife and given a wonderful tour of Pearl Harbor Navy Base and Ford Island. We had to stop and get cleared to go on base due to the high security given the day. A lot has changed, but there were many spots that were very familiar and held many memories…especially the submarines! The USS Mississippi must have recently returned as she was still wearing her lei and the welcome home banners were still on the fence. I remember standing on the pier watching and waiting for the arrival of my dad after many patrols. We were fortunate to see the USS Utah Memorial, the bullet markings in the concrete from machine gun fire, the original Arizona Memorial, and a view of the more well known Arizona Memorial that most do not get to see.

And a trip to Ford Island wouldn’t be complete without a picture of my parent’s names carved in the banyan tree. There’s no confirmation that it is in fact them, or who carved it, but it dates to roughly our early years in Hawaii…and given the Navy social events of the time, anything is possible! Plus, I just love the thought that my father would have proclaimed his love for my mother by carving their names in a tree for the all to see

A short drive back to our car, and we followed them home for dinner. PuPus of poke, kimchi octopus, edamame and poi followed by a delicious hot sandwich roll. I did try the octopus (yes, Mom, I tried it…still not tops on my list of seafood) and the poi.  I cannot believe I used to eat poi as a child without hesitation.  I admit I am not as much a fan as an adult.  A wonderful evening of good food, great conversation, laughs, and lots of kisses from Lui, their dog. 

We made it back to the hotel in time to catch the 3-D Liquid Light Show at the pool. A lot of fun, and a perfect end to the day.