Today we woke up a bit later, and after the usual coffee stop, we made our way over to the Hawaii Convention Center to check out the venue, visit the open house for new designees, and see what there was to see.  We picked up our free gifts from the local chapter (chocolate covered macadamias, yes, please, and thank you!) I learned there is a brand new designation for my new field that was just released last week, so I have more studying to do once I complete the one I am currently working on.

Have to love the “free range” pigeons…searching for crumbs even in the coffee shop!

Just love these tropical flower arrangements!

I KNOW my father had this album! One of the many displays at the Convention Center.

I was so happy to see my former chapter still maintaining Gold Level Circle of Excellence recognition. Congratulations, Sacramento Valley Chapter!
A bite to eat when we got back to the hotel – we both were feeling the need for red meat, so burgers were in order. A quick change, and we were on our way back to the Convention Center for the official conferment of the CPCU designation. I got to meet up with old friends from my days in CA.  Such fun catching up and spending time with them.  Also got to meet one of D’s former coworkers, and I hope we get to hang out with them a bit more before we leave.  John Quinones was the keynote speaker, and it was interesting listening to his stories.  Because we’d arrived so early, we were able to get a seat just 4 rows directly behind him.

We opted to walk back to the hotel rather than wait in line for the shuttles.  A change of clothes back to the casual, comfy, vacation mode clothes of earlier in the day, and we were off to explore the hoolaulea. We got to see the arrival of the honorary king and queen before meeting up with friends about half way down the stretch of vendor booths, we continued on in the same direction to the end and a bit beyond where we decided dinner and beverages were in order. Along the way we got to watch some hula dancing, listen to music, take in the sights, and probably most importantly, purchase malasadas from Leonard’s bakery.

The Spam mascot, Mr. Musabi. Spam “sushi” is a real thing in Hawaii.

A street view of the Hoolaulea

No one wanted to share, so we all got our own box to go! If you’ve ever had hot, fresh malasada’s, you’ll understand why sharing really isn’t an option.

On the way back to the hotel we were stopped by Hawaii Tourist Board workers who needed photos of them “in action.” Somehow I managed to get in most every photo they took. I am going to have to keep an eye on their website for my photo! In the next block we passed a parade of Spanish singers, dancers and musicians. 

A fun filled, sensory filled day. Tomorrow we will be up early to check out another local attraction, followed by surfing lessons with the #1 Cousin!