The plan this morning was to head out to St. Lawrence Market for breakfast before doing a bit of Toronto sightseeing by foot. Unfortunately. we learned the Market is closed Sundays and Mondays. We opted for a quick bite in the hotel, then headed out. Just across the street from the hotel is St. James’ Park. I could see the steeple through the treetops, so we headed in that direction. Turned out St. James’ is the Anglican Episcopal Cathedral. As we wandered through the park, it became apparent they were setting up for a movie shoot. Wish we’d found someone we could have asked what was being filmed!

The cathedral was beautiful. inside and out. Not quite as ornate at the cathedrals in Europe, but full of history which made it feel very personal.

What I wouldn’t give to hear this organ being played!

The pews have doors and are numbered. No sitting in another parishoner’s seat here!

From here it was an easy walk to complete my Christmas shopping…the Hockey Hall of Fame. We didn’t have time to do the tour (and honestly, I want to do that with my husband. Mom would have been bored to tears. The gift store excursion was enough for her!)

 We wandered back past the St Lawrence Market (next trip I will get to go inside!) I managed to carry my earlier purchases and still take photos. I left a piece of my heart in Toronto.

We had the car loaded and were on the road about 11:15AM. Next stop, Kingston. The original capital of Canada, and the home to Queens University and the royal Military College. We had an unexpected, yet wonderful, drive through the campus of Queens University while meandering our way (mostly by gut instinct) to Fort Henry.  We stumbled into the historic district, and the old Kingston Station. For anyone who knows my Mom, it should not surprise you we found a train station!

On our way to Fort Henry we passed a wonderfully named street, The Tragically Hip Way. Wish I had been able to take a picture of the street sign, and the rather non-descript street which bore its name. 

We eventually made our way to Fort Henry and explored the area. Well, more like walked the entire perimeter, up and down hills! Stunning views, and we know Dad was smiling and wondering how we could visit military sites willingly when he wasn’t around, but not when he was!

Another wonderful city, and one I want to explore in more depth on another visit. We left Kingston and eventually crossed back over the border into the US. We are resting our heads tonight in Fort Drum. NY, home to an Army base. Not sure how Dad would feel about this, but we definitely feel safe as the hotel is full of active duty soldiers! 

Tomorrow we are off to the Finger Lakes and a surprise for Mom.