Tonight is our last night in Canada…ça a été un merveilleux voyage. It has been a wonderful trip! I can now add driving almost completely across Canada to my completed travel list. It will take some time for the past week to settle in my mind and memories. We have had wonderful conversations with Canadians across the provinces, and we truly appreciated their hospitality and kindness.

The other thing I completed this trip was driving across all 4 time zones and back. We crossed into Eastern Daylight Time today a little after 7PM. It’s nice to be back in my “home” time zone, but tomorrow we’ll be back in CDT once we get back to the US.

Today we opted to pass on breakfast at the hotel and get a jump on the drive. We stopped for lunch in Kenora, ON. Lake Kenora is one of the largest lakes in the area, and a big vacation destination. Beautiful area, and when you’re essentially landlocked, this is a great spot to spend a hot, summer weekend! (The cooler temperatures we anticipated have eluded us. It has been in the upper 80’s – low 90’s every day.)

Scenic tours by seaplane

I took a break from driving for a bit and was able to get a few photos as we passed Lake Peggy.

The traffic was about typical for one of our roadtrips. Getting back to Atlanta traffic will be a shock!

We landed in Thunder Bay, Ontario a little after 8PM. We unwound, attempted to find a place other than the restaurant next door that was open, but ended up back at the hotel restaurant. Oh well! When it’s 9:30PM and you’ve been traveling for 8+ hours, just about anything will satisfy hunger.

Au revoir, Canada. Merci beaucoup. ‘Til we meet again…in Quebec, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island if I plan things right!