We have clearly settled into vacation-mode. Vaguely heard our hosts up and about this morning, but neither of us stirred until 10:30AM. I suppose when you figure it was again about 1:30AM when we went to bed, we really didn’t sleep in too much. And we had that wonderful late night walk!

Today we ventured back to town to go to the post office to exchange USD for NOK and mail postcards. We wandered around a bit more and meandered through an outdoor market we saw being set up yesterday. Vendors were selling jewelry, knit goods, clothing, and local food. Lots of wonderful smells, sights and sounds.Even got to listen briefly to a polka band! If my father had been here he would have been dancing.

We picked AK up at work and got a tour of the hospital where she works. Lots of different artwork throughout, lots of glass letting in natural light, and all the buildings connected by enclosed walkways. (Especially useful in the winter!) The stairs in the hospital are numbered so you know exactly how many you have walked up (or down) and you don’t have to count as you go. Walking and cycling is very much encouraged…employees pay to park their cars if they drive to work. Part of the tour also included seeing two of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine awards.

A stop at the grocery store was needed on the way home as the boys are cooking rice and curry tonight. And, my other half is very happy as he now has his Thai chilies to spice up his meals. He has quite a few to eat before we head to Italy!

The sun is shining, and we have appropriate beverages in hand. Time to relax and enjoy the sounds and aromas coming from the kitchen!