Vacation hours were in full force again today…we awoke much later than planned (no comment on what exact time it was, other than to say I now have actual proof someone else snores as much as I allegedly do!).  First stop was to the Norwegian Olympic Training Center for ski jumping and cross country skiing.  We lucked into watching a practice ski jump session. So much fun! Wish I’d known the names of the jumpers so I knew who to cheer for in the next winter Olympics.

A quick visit to the University to see Best Man’s office and find the best ever invention…the robotic lawn mower. Um, seriously, do they sell these in the US?  I have found the ultimate Christmas gift for my other half if they do! Although I will put Bob the Gardner out of work if I indulge in it.  I obviously need to mull this over…

From there we went to the Kristiansen Festning (Trondheim fort) which was instrumental in the 30 Year War between Sweden and Norway, and also was a German stronghold in WW2.

The above photo is of “monk island” – the Norwegian Alcatraz.

Next stop of the day was bittersweet and made me feel Dad was “hovering near.” We went to Dora I, an integral part of the German submarine force in WW2. We couldn’t get close to the actual sea level entries, but the historical information posted in the area and sheer size of the place gave a hauntingly good picture of its use and importance in the war.  Being a submariner’s daughter, this was a very poignant stop. I could only imagine my father’s reaction to visiting it (if he hadn’t already during his visit to Norway in 1956-57 as a student at the Naval Academy), or knowing his daughter was visiting it. I am learning my knowledge of WW2 history is seriously lacking as what we were taught in school in the US was very watered down up until the our involvement via Pearl Harbor. I am now a sponge when it comes to what was happening in the rest of the world.

We then headed back into town to purhase shrimp, bread and mayonaisse for a traditional Norwegian meal.  If I had a seafood market even close to the caliber of this one I might consider giving up beef! (Mind you I said consider it, not that I actually would!) A wonderful meal shared with local friends who made the evening extra special and memorable.

And now it is past my bedtime as we are getting up early to explore the fjords tomorrow.

Oh, but one last photo – the very dapper man to show where the crosswalk is.  It was just today we noticed how dashing and proper looking he is in his  hat!  I will post a photo soon of the exit sign which never fails to bring a giggle to my other half.