We were up much earlier today – thanks to setting an alarm last night so we could get the day started before the morning had completely departed. And, I suppose, a bit of practice for Saturday morning when we need to leave at 5AM to catch the Kiel Ferry from Oslo.

Today we drove south toward the lower part of Trondheim Fjord and then followed it north back into town. This fjord is more inland so does not have the steep mountains and drop offs as the fjords in the west.  Next visit we will explore that area.  It was difficult to fully capture the scenery today, partially due to the weather being overcast, and also the windy road.  Just as I got ready to snap a photo the road turned away from the fjord, or trees would obscure the view. It was very pretty and bucolic. The houses were a bit larger, and the views must be incredible for those on top of the hills. We passed several more farms, and saw several herds of cows, a few horses and sheep. Watching the breeze blow through the grain in the fields coupled with the twisting road made for a very relaxing ride.

We watched the ferry heading out, and a large cruise ship coming up the fjord. As we arrived in town another ferry was at the dock ready to take on cars and passengers.

We next ventured to Trondheim Trag (mall) for a frozen yogurt.  The salesclerk was very helpful and friendly (and the daughter of our hosts). It was exactly what we needed and got the blood flowing again.  

From there we went to another trag closer to home to look for gifts to bring home. I didn’t find quite what I was looking for, but boy, oh boy, if I was still an avid knitter, could I have done some damage! Beautiful yarns and patterns…sigh. I did consider buying a small “project” for my mother, but decided against it – for now. A trip to the grocery store was our final stop for the day where we stocked up on a few items we wanted to bring home.  Easier to buy them here and carry them with us than having to find a grocery in Oslo at the end of our trip. 
Some random photos of town, and as promised the emergency exit sign that makes my other half giggle.

He always seems to be in such a hurry! 

A wonderful dinner of salmon, potatoes, carrots, green beans and cucumbers.  (I am not good at remembering to take pictures of food before we dig in.  Maybe once we hit Italy…) We have certainly gotten our fill of seafood this week, and enjoyed every bite. We relaxed a bit and enjoyed the evening sun, although the wind was blowing so it was a tad chilly. A neighbor came with a pallet of firewood, and the guys unloaded and stacked it.  Not something a Sri Lankan learns in childhood, that’s for sure! Luna looked on to make sure it was done properly…and look for her new chew toy, perhaps.

Tomorrow will likely be another quiet day.  We will need to pack and load the car in the evening, as well as get to bed much earlier than we have been.  The second half of our adventure begins on Saturday!