Today was unplanned fun. Started the day in town shopping for Norwegian handicrafts and gifts at Husfliden. Really wanted to buy more woolen items, but space is limited this trip. So many gorgeous textiles and possibilities.  Enough reason for a return trip – as if we needed another reason! While I shopped the boys went to the office to print travel docs. Of course, I was done before they returned, so I explored two other stores and found more treasures.  Christmas will have a definite theme this year…sorry not sorry, family! Finally met up with the boys – walked out of a store, loooked left across the street and saw my other half with arms waving above his head.  No chance of missing them, fortunately. If I’d stayed any longer and wandered into any more stores, I might have needed to buy a suitcase, too.

A quick stop at home, then headed to Sverresborg Trondelag Folk Museum to walk around and get a bite to eat for lunch. Unfortunately the museum was closed for the day as there was a concert this evening. We were able to get the last remaining, unreserved table for a bite to eat at the tavern. We sat outside for a bit then headed upstairs to our table. We got to hear snippets of sound check by none other than Elton John! The concert crowd looked much the same here as it does in the states. 

Trondelag is an outdoor museum with over 80 buildings, some dating back to 1100 and the Viking days. It is built around King Sverre’s medieval castle.  There is an old stave church, an old fort and an upper-class home from the 1700’s.  This will definitely be on our “to do” list on our next visit.

Buffet was delicious – poached salmon, pork loin, roasted squash, and potatoes.  We also got to try a traditional Norwegian dish, rømmegrøt, or sour cream porridge.  It is served on holidays and special occasions…drizzled with butter and cinnamon sugar, and eaten with cured meats. I remembered to take a picture of it before I dug in. Quite yummy! Between the rømmegrøt, salmon and bread, I think I ate half a  stick of butter.  My hips may not appreciate it, but my taste buds sure did.  I’m not overly worried – I will walk it off soon enough.  

Home now, packing for tomorrow’s early departure.  We leave at 5AM to arrive in Oslo in time for the ferry to Kiel, Germany. Then on to Italy!